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Today even though the world has changed the basic thing the eternity is not felt by many people throughout the world as the human beings are filled with curse and sin were one cannot live a happy life. So, to overcome this sin the Churches in Phoenix AZ has built and started the holy Christ temple in the year 2013 in the month of September eleventh with the aim of serving the needy. Mr. Rick is a pastor of Bible churches in Phoenix where he underwent training in the rhema bible training center around 1996 and he had obtained the god grace throughout his life and he realized that his life was meant to spread the Holy Spirit throughout the world. The main aim of Word of faith churches in Phoenix that is they strongly believe on believes in the S.T.O.P which means saving the lost, training the believers, overcoming the enemy, pursing the god. The STOP church trainers are the disciples of god who believed that they would support human being to overcome the sins. With the help of one can pray through on-line were twenty four hours service are rendered through them and the persons can also offer donations to the Scottsdale churches according to their dependability so that they can serve the needy.

Special prayers are also conducted every Sunday which is one of the factor were many number of people would participate in it in order to overcome the sin and they can feel eternity throughout the life as long as they are free from sins. The Spirit filled

Phoenix churches believe in the bible, salvation, redeem, and so on were one can resolve from the problems by strongly believing in the god were the person also renders help in providing service to the needy. The Non Denominational churches Phoenix have strong disciples were they help the persons to come out of the sins and feel the eternity and the pastor and his family are truly engaged in the spreading holy spirit throughout the world so that each human being can lead a life of peace and happiness. The holy spirit in the form of human being who is filled with flesh and blood are flown through the human being were the god’s presence is felt. Thus, the church is a place where one can experience holiness in his life and can serve the needy which would help the people who are needy to a large extend.